Re-Accredited Academic Programmes

The Academic Registrar Kumi University is pleased to inform you that after due consideration, National Council for Higher Education at its 56th Meeting of 28th August 2020 under MIN 360/56/2020, accredited the academic programmes indicated below for a period of five (5) years for with effect from of 28th August 2020.

NOProgramme NameAdmissible Number of Students er Year
1Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial Studies30
2Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Studies20
3Diploma in Records and Archives Information Management15
4Diploma in Public administration25
5Diploma in Human Resource Management20
6Diploma in Develo ment Studies15
7Diploma in Business Administration30
8Bachelor of Secondary Education External75
9Bachelor of Science in Agriculture20
10Bachelor of Primary Education -External150
11Bachelor of Human Resource Management20
12Bachelor of Arts with Education120
13Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration75
14Bachelor of Bible and Theology45

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2 thoughts on “Re-Accredited Academic Programmes

  1. Omairo Martin says:

    I would wish to know if you offer bachelor of science in agriculture on distance learning. I hold a diploma inagricukture but would luke to upgrade.

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