Life on Campus


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Accommodation at Kumi University

There is a total of Seven halls of residence, four halls for male students and three for female students. Each student will be admitted to the membership of one of these Halls. Freshers are accordingly attached to a Hall of Residence as shown on the admission letter. Accommodation in the Halls is for one semester and renewable. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served to all resident students in each hall as a specified time. However, students are to either have meals on campus or off campus.

Counseling and Guidance

The Counselling and Guidance team helps students who need assistance on guidance about their daily life problems which might hamper their steady progress in the academic field or prevent them from enjoying their life in general. Such problems embrace the whole range of Socio-Economic, marital, health related complications, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems.

Fresher’s Week

First Year students (Freshers) are by tradition given an “acclimatization” period of normally one week which is referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus one week earlier than the Continuing students and during this week they are introduced to the key facilities in the University as well as other important aspects of life at the University, including tours to the Uganda’s famous Nyero Rock paintings. A programme of activities is always issued out and is expected to be strictly followed.

Medical Access

Medical and Health services are provided by Kumi University Clinic. The University Clinic is out to protect and promote the health and safety of staff, students, visitors and others who are part of the KUMU Community. The aims of the University Clinic are achieved through:

  1. Prevention and treatment of illnesses
  2. Information, dissemination and promotion of good health and safety practices
  3. Periodic inspection of University facilities
  4. Coordinated management of University activities

Kumi University Clinic, located at the University Main Campus in Nyero 7km from Kumi Town offers basic diagnostic, treatment and referral services to a community of about 700 students.


There are number of recreation and sports activities at the University. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Hall Sports Championships scheduled to take place during the First Semester of the each academic year. The games include: Volley ball, Basket Ball, Mountain highking, Music Dance and drama to mention but a few.

Dstv, service is available 24/7 on campus

Spiritual Vitality

Kumi University is one of the fastest growing Christian Universities in Africa. Her great reputation comes as a result of the centrality of Christ in all aspects. Worship takes a central place in the University and that makes Chaplaincy to be an important department that shapes the life and identity of the University.

Chaplaincy aims at enhancing the Christian values among the various categories of people who join the community. For the unbelievers, we seek to draw them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To the believers, we aim at disciplining them for spiritual growth. And to the “mature believers” we equip them for ministry. In all this we purpose to maintain spiritual vitality and the Christian identity of Kumi University.

The chaplaincy exhorts all members of the University to profess the lord Jesus Christ and show soundness in faith and practice of Christian doctrine. Christian outreaches are also organized at least once in a semester. Students are mobilized to willingly participate actively in this. There is also annual Easter Conference where a limited number of students from local sister tertiary institutions are invited.