2019-2020 Academic Year Calendar

Be informed of all activities that will take place in 2019-20 academic year.

19th July 2019
11th – 12th August 2019
13th – 17th August 2019
18th August 2019
19th August 2019
19th - 24th August 2019
9th – 13th September 2019
14th – 19th October 2019
15th November 2019
29th November 2019
2nd December 2019
9th – 21st December 2019
23rd December 2019
02nd January 2020
1st February 2020
2nd February 2020
1st – 8th March 2020
13th – 19th April 2020
5th May 2020
18th – 31st May 2020
May 2020
1st – 8th June 2020
1st June – 31st July 2020
June – July 2020
2nd August 2020
First week of September 2020
October 2020

Public holidays
1. 9th October 2019
2. 25th December 2019
3. March or April 2020
4. 1st May 2020
5. 3rd June 2020
6. 9th June 2020
Senate to discuss Semester II Exam Results 2018/2019
First Year Students Report.
First years Orientation and Registration.
Continuing Students report for semester I.
Lectures start for both First year and continuing students.
Central Registration for Continuing Students.
First Continuous Assessment Tests.
Second Continuous Assessment Tests.
Senate to discuss graduation preparation.
Tentative 15th Graduation Ceremony.
Senate to discuss preparation for Semester I exams.
Semester I Examinations.
Christmas Break
External Face I 2020 starts.
External Face I Ends.
Semester II begins (Continuing students).
First Continuous Assessment Test.
Second Continuous Assessment Test.
Senate to discuss preparation for Semester II Exams.
Semester II Exams.
External Face II Starts
Central Marking of Semester II Exams.
School Practice and Fieldwork Supervision.
Adverts for August Intake 2020 / 2021.
Senate to Discuss Semester II exam results.
External Face III starts / Exams.
Marking of External Exams

National Independence Day.
Christmas Day.
Easter Week.
Labour Day.
Martyrs Day.
Heros’ Day


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