Dev’t Strategy 2015 – 2019


In this world of globalization accompanied by changing demands and challenges, Kumi University is drastically developing its own capacity and performance strategies. The key basic areas beeing developed include:

  • Learning and teaching
  • University organization and management.
  • Human resource development.
  • Mobilization and allocation of funds.
  • Quality and relevance of University services

Other priority Areas

  • Library services

Expand the existing one and equip it with all necessary equipment and utilities.

  • Research

Enforce it as it is a core function of the University.

  • Information and Communication Technology

Expand, equip and go e – learning

  • Relate higher education to the needs of society

Ever increasing number of unemployed graduates means that something is wrong with the current higher education system. Identify them and adjust accordingly.

  • Introduction of science based programmes

Science is the way to go these days. In the next five years’ priority, should be given to the following programmes relevant to local society.

  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Bachelor of science in Education
  • Bio – Technology Engineering


  • Land for use and expansion
  • Infrastructure

With the currently existing operational infrastructure in the University,  There is still vast room for expansion. For example road network, water harvesting and storage facilities, buildings, and play fields.

  • Christian background

Kumi University is founded by Christian values and virtues. To enhance this we have a chapel and well established chaplaincy.

  • Transport and environment

The University is highly accessible through all weather roads from all directions. The main road from Kumi town just about 10kms from Kumi town provides both the staff and student easy access to the nearest district headquarters. All the major mobile telecommunications networks are all available at the campus including MTN, WARID, AIRTEL, UTL and ORANGE.

  • Learning environment

The main campus is located in a rural area which is remote from the hectic and diversionary life of urban areas. This provides a very conducive environment for teaching and learning.

  • A variety of academic programmes

The programmes are tailored according to the needs of the local community. The University attracts national and international students. The programmes are flexible, affordable, attracting students on programmes such as weekend, evening, full – time and external.

  • Scholarship

The University has a number of scholarship schemes in the different  categories;

  • Partnership

The University has partnership with other institutions within and outside Uganda for example universities, NGOs (IDI), governments, churches, Korean missionaries and local communities.

  • Staffing

The University Currently has a big number of existing competent and committed staff.

Courses offered