Public Notice On Mr. Aisu Nicholas and Mr. Oluka Stanely

The management of Kumi University hereby informs the general public that the officers Listed below are NO LONGER employees of Kumi University. Whoever deals with them in the names of Kumi University deal with them at his/her own risk.

  1. Mr. Aisu Nicholas – Former Public Relations officer, Acting Quality assurence officer, Academic Registrar and Assitant Academic Registrar.
  2. Mr. Oluka Stanley – Former Human Resource Manager


Download Public Notice on Mr Aisu Nicholas and Mr Oluka Stanley



One Reply to “Public Notice On Mr. Aisu Nicholas and Mr. Oluka Stanely”

  1. Am happy about this Latest Development. One Reason why the charter has delayed , it was because Mr. Aisu Nicholas kept on Frustrating the Process.
    Finally God Has Answered our prayers.
    I will be coming back for my post graduate Diploma in Information Technology in Kumi University
    Long live
    Oina Maxwel
    Okalany Fredrick

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