Faculty of Science & Technology

Dr. Park Current Faculty Dean Science and Technology Email: deanst@kumiuniversity.ac.ug
Dr. Park Current Faculty Dean Science and Technology Email: deanst@kumiuniversity.ac.ug


Dear Students,

Welcome to Kumi University! It is my hope and wish that you will invest in your Academic success, grow physically, intellectually and spiritually during your stay here.

As a member of the University community, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills, abilities, and talents and engage in learning through our Academic and co-curricular programs. I entreat you to make every effort to get involved and connect with your fellow students and faculty staff. The more you invest in the University and its opportunities, the more successful and rewarding your learning experience will be.

During your time at the University, you will be faced with a wide variety of challenges for which you may need support or assistance. I encourage you to seek assistance from the concerned faculties.

I hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to enhance your experience at the University, challenge yourself academically, make good choices socially, and be open to learning from students whose backgrounds and interests are different from yours. Best wishes for a successful academic career.

This Faculty currently runs two Departments, that is the Department of Information Technology and Department of Energy Technology under review by NCHE.

Graduation Requirements:

To qualify for the award of Bachelors Degree of Science in Information Technology (BIT) a candidate is required to obtain a minimum of 141 credit units, 103 (DIT) credit units, 43 (CIT) credit units for courses passed including all the compulsory (core) courses within the maximum five (5) years.

The following courses/programs are currently offered in the Department of Information Technology  in the main campus.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) – Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) – Duration: 2 years (4 Semesters)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) – Duration: 1 year (2 Semesters)

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