Aryanyijuka Elias – BIT

Aryanyijuka Elias – BIT


I chose Kumi University because of the multicultural environment and team activities which would give real-time exposure to management, decision making and critical thinking. Being a Christian University was a plus for me.

I found the choice of modules and blend of practical and theoretical work particularly fascinating. Also the mix of life modules covering different life fields like Technology, operations, Business, marketing, operations etc, while not being overly focused on any one area in particular.

The mix of theory and practical was most interesting because it ensured that there was no ‘death by PowerPoint’ during lectures and seminars. The models and frameworks taught during the class were applied to real life case studies to understand their implications, which made the theories interesting.

I wanted to be an IT Consultant, but later life turned its direction and ended up a successful Business entrepreneur  of  some famous brands in the country. I founded SMSHOUR ( an online marketing  platform that has grown day by day all over the world, with most of the clients from Europe.

Later found a car importing company – Elco Solutions Ltd that has proven successful.

Due to my love of travel and adventure, it led me to the founding of a tour and travel company that has become a haven of Most tourists. Home To Africa Tours and Travel – , a leading tour operator in Uganda majoring in tailored safaris. We have established offices in Uganda and Rwanda.

In 4-5 years from now, I want to be responsible for establishing large brands and successful businesses. It will help in accelerating my career to the heights that I want it to be at.

Longer term, I want to join a social body or an ideologically matching political party in my country to make a greater impact on the society I live in. I would utilize all my experience to provide improved governance and create new areas of growth and development.


From a humble family , with tuition challenges, I understand how life can change its tunes . I support over 9 Students at secondary Level, 3 Students at University level.

I also found and lead a charity organization , Global ICT Care ( through its programs, we expect to make a significant contribution to the use of ICTs within rural communities in Uganda that is in line with the national vision of “a knowledge-based Uganda where national development and good governance are sustainably enhanced and accelerated by timely and secure access to information and efficient application of ICT.

Long Live Kumi University.

Mr. Esegu James –  BBA

Mr. Esegu James – BBA


Mr. Esegu James

I wish to congratulate the Management of Kumi University for their tireless efforts always and ensuring that everything is put into place. To you the reader; Kumi University is the best place to be. While in Kumi University you are guided, and molded to serve the Nation in a God-fearing manner.

I wish to encourage you to join Kumi University for the courses offered are relevant and affordable to any person regardless of your economic status. While at Kumi University you taught not merely lectured and that is what makes us unique and different from other Universities

Therefore, come and let us uphold Kumi University who only trust in the power of God

Wish you the best

Mr. Otala Abraham – BIT

Mr. Otala Abraham – BIT

Only those who can take a task to approach the unknown will discover the secret in KUMU. This University has not only left me with Academic apprehension but also good moral, religious and social conduct, Regardless of me not having a full time Job, I have been able to start a courier related business  Called  “ICON COMPUTER TECHS” ( This is based in Soroti town and this has kept me moving on well and live a happy life.  So KUMU is a right Choice for your balanced life to live.

Just to say, After Campus, have a positive attitude because it leads to Success and Happiness. A positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking.

Thanks to the Admin, Guild Body & Christian Union.
>>>Long Live>>  ***KUMI***

Elubu Joseph Bulinda – BIT

Elubu Joseph Bulinda – BIT

옮기다 Kumi University!  You are real. very cheap and yet you offer much more than other expensive Universities.  I have been able to compete favorably, thank you.

If you are  a prospective student looking for a place to study do not look beyond Kumi University for it is a very cheap seller of expensive services, that you will never find elsewhere for the same much.  With the great opportunities to international Exchange study, you will get a chance to go and study in another University in other Countries like India, South Korea and others

To you the employer reading this message, thanks for investing your time.  Kumi University has and is and will produce competent employees who can drive your business to the next level. Please get ready to grab one.

Thank You