Vision & Mission


Godliness and Excellence for Servant-hood.

To be a world class centre for quality and affordable,community tailored higher education.

To respond to Gods call and needs of individual and communities in Uganda and the great lakes region through partnership in higher education, training and capacity building as God enables by his Grace.

Core Values

  1. Diversity; Respect for individual differences.
  2. Teamwork; working together to achieve a common goal.
  3. Professionalism; commitment to professional ethics.
  4. Godliness; Having great reverence to God.
  5. Integrity; consistence of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.
  6. Confidentiality; restriction to disclosure of information that can jeopardize the interest of the University.
  7. Loyalty; devotion to the University values.
  8. Accountability; Being answerable and liable.
  9. Excellence; Ability to surpass ordinary standards.

– To stimulate spiritual development practiced in faith and commitment to Jesus Christ
– To produce competent, Christian upright and knowledgeable leaders.
– To become a centre of quality education, training and research in East Africa.
– To provide a platform for students to relate and understand other cultures, traditions, nations and religions.
– To give students theoretical, practical and field oriented knowledge with clear application to contemporary situations.
– To make students discover how global Cultures have intertwined with contemporary African culture.
– To provide spiritual development and maturity with a recognition of the importance and worth of mental activity.