Office of The Dean


The office of the Dean of Students coordinates students’ welfare, games and sports and other co-curriculum activities. It also handles issues concerning students’ administration and discipline.
The Dean of Students is the liaison office between the University Administration and the Students’ community.

Student’s Guild

There is a student’s Government elected according to the Guild constitution. The role of the students is to work in cooperation with the University Administration in almost all programs and activities of the University.
Two student leaders i.e. the Guild President and the Guild Speaker also sit at meetings of the University governing body; the University Council.

Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct that applies to all students of the university. This code shall not exclude the enforcement of the laws of Uganda against any student and the applications as may be made from time to time. Where conduct is not specifically governed by the University, all such members of the University shall conduct themselves at all times with courtesy and consideration to others with regard to the good name of the University. Any member of the University has the obligation to check any disorderly conduct or any breach of the writer code of conduct.

The University employs Security officers to oversee security at the campus. There are security lights and the University is fenced. The compound is dotted with several tree shades, some of these shades have built-up structures where the students can sit for their discussions, interactions as well as leisure.


There is DSTV for the students and there is also social activity involving Music, Dance and Drama. This entertainment is given with Christian sense and perspective.

Games and Sports

There are a variety of games played at the University, these include; Football, Volley ball, Net ball, Basketball including indoor games. Kumi University sports science department is dedicated to having high class centre for sports science education.

Health Services

Medical and Health services are guided by Kumi University Clinic. The University Clinic is out to protect and promote the health and safety of staff, students, visitors and others who are part of the KUMU Community.
The aims of the University Clinic are achieved through:

  1. Prevention and treatment of illnesses
  2. Information, dissemination and promotion of good health and safety practices
  3. Periodic inspection of University facilities
  4. Coordinated management of University activities

Kumi University Clinic, located at the University Main Campus in Nyero 8km from Kumi Town offers basic diagnostic, treatment and referral services to a community of about 700 students.