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The following positions are vacant and thus need to be filled with qualified personnel.

NoPositionPerson SpecificationsJob Description
1Quality Assurance OfficerReports to: Vice Chancellor

• Masters Degree in Educational Planning and Management or Masters Degree in any other relevant field. Post graduate Qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation would be an added advantage

• At least five (5) years experience in a similar position in a busy and diversified organization (preferably a University environment)
Age: 35 years and above
1. Plans, develops, implement and continually improves the quality management systems of the university in conforming with the universally accepted standards.

2. Provide technical and professional support to the various academic and administrative units in the implementation or enhancement of quality assurance systems within the university.

3. Oversees the university's response to and implementation of council policies and decisions.

4. Communicates quality management targets shortfalls, remedial measures and improved processes and procedures to management.

5. Develop and support the quality assurance teams in their undertakings and oversees the quality assurance and quality enhancement activities of the university.

6. Carry out guidance and advisory role to all departments and encourage them to develop good practices in regard to Quality Assurance.

7. Develop and review the quality assurance framework for approval by council; or other relevant decision-making organs of the university.

8. Support Academic Registra's Office to establish a data base for programmes accredited.

9. Prepare and submit to the vice chancellor periodic reports on quality assurance audits in accordance with the university quality assurance policies.

10. Advise on and monitor the quality assurance requirements for the University's core activities in teaching, learning, research and community outreach programs.

11. Conduct institutional, academic and support services audits from time to time.

12. Conduct trainings for staff in line with the NCHE and Uganda Statutory Instruments for Universities.

13. Conduct tracer studies (in close collaboration with the office of the Academic Registra).

14. Benchmark with other institutions for quality assurance.

15. Assesssing the quality of learning materials, equipment and apparatus.

16. Any other duties to assigned to you by your immediate supervisor.

Key Outputs
a) Reports on the following activities/ Programs;
- Academics / program accreditation
- Staff training
- Tracer studies
b) Quality Assurance framework
c) Revised and an up to date Quality Assurance policy.
d) Quality standards indicators developed in all departments.
e) Assessment of quality learning equipment and facilities done.
1Human Resource ManagerReports to: Deputy Vice Chancellor (F&A)
• Masters of Science in Human Resource Management or Any relevant Masters’ Degree (with Human Resource Management option)
• Five (5) years of progressive experience in a same or similar position (preferably in an Educational Institution)
Age: 35 years and above
1. Take initiatives and provide guidance and support on matters relating to employees

2. Ensure that the University develops strategies, policies and practices that cater effectively for everything concerning employment and development of people and the relationships that exist between management and the work force.

3. Take part in the creation of an environment that enables people to make the best use of their capacities and to realize their potential to the benefit of both the organization and themselves.

4. Provide advice and services that will enable the University to get things done through people.

5. Act as change agents, delivering University transformation and cultural change.

6. Integrate the HRM policies and practices to the strategic direction and change process of the University – through training, employee relations, compensation packages among others.

7. Enable the University to develop the capability to weather the changes that will continue to be part of the University.

8. Perform any other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor
1Estates ManagerReports to: Deputy Vice Chancellor (F&A)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
• Membership with the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers is an added advantage
• Three (3) years’ experience doing a similar job in a busy and diverse organization
Age: 28 years and above
1. Manage and control operations of the numerous properties of the University
2. Develop, coordinate and manage University land use to the optimum gain of the University and cost cutting systems
3. Ensure general cleanliness of the University compound and maintenance of the physical infrastructure
4. Take custody of all the University assets (both movable and immovable)
5. Conduct regular condition surveys of the University academic facilities and students accommodation
6. Advise management through the immediate supervisor of appropriate land development strategy
7. Take part in the strategic planning for the University’s growth
8. Supervise on behalf of management any construction works
9. Supervise staff under the estates department
10. Perform any other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor
1Public Relations OfficerReports to: The Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration.

Minimum Qualification:

Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication, Public Relations, Journalism or a related field.

Possession of a masters degree in Mass Communication is an added advantage.

Experience in public relations or a related field preferably in a global or multinational company.

Experience with project management and carrying out public relations initiative or campaigns.

Five (5) years of progressive experience in the same or similar position (preferably in an Educational Institution)

Age: 35 years and above
1. Manage University corporate events and international events.

2. To preside over the planning of graduation ceremonies.

3. Responsible for publication of University corporate.

4. Marketing the University's corporate image to both the internal and external public.

5. Produce banners, publishing of bronchures, posters, leaflets and other promotional materials.

6. Manage media and online promotion of upcoming University events.

7. Over see the appropriate use of the University logo both online and branded promotional material.

8. Perform any other duties assigned by immediate supervisor.

9. Perform any other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor.

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Application Process

Please submit an application cover letter and up to date Curriculum Vitae, as well as any links to any publications you may wish us to consider. Copies of academic transcripts and certificates should be attached.

Applications should be hand delivered or posted to Kumi University addressed to:


Chairperson, Appointments and Disciplinary Committee

Kumi University

P.O. Box, 178, Kumi