HoDs Trained on e-Learning Usage

Kumi University - heads of Department e-Learning Training

KUMU Heads of Departments gets trained

on the usage of Moodle e-Learning Management System as the University prepares to up for blended teaching and learning. The training was based on the following objectives;

•To introduce Kumi University Academic staff to an e-Learning Management System (Moodle)

•To enhance the quality of teaching and learning

•To meet the teaching and learning styles of lecturers and students

•To improve user accessibility and time flexibility to engage learners in the learning process

Heads of Departments During E-Learning Training

A very successful Training, was facilitated by a team of four staff (Mr. Odoch Isaac – HoD I.T, Mr. Ekwelu Simon Peter, Mr. Elubu Joseph and Mr. Okiror Charles) from the Department of Information Technology of Kumi University, lead be the Head of Department I.T. In attendance were;- All the Heads of Academic Departments and Some Deans of faculties (Trainees), Quality Assurance officer- Mr. Mutya Tomasi, Internal Auditor- Mr. Ojono Charles and Vice Chancellor among others.

Moodle Practical Session going on
Practice, Assignment Session

By the end of the training the participants were able to: –

Use an  e-Learning Management System (Moodle)

Create, Edit and delete course units in courses found in their respective departments

Manage their personal files.

Enroll/Unenroll both Lecturers and Students into a course unit they are supposed to teach or learn respectively and so much more.

As we celebrate the milestone attained by Kumi University in the training above, we look forward to training all KUMU Lecturers on the same on 18th Feb, 2021 before all students are finally trained.

Thank you.

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  1. It’s a great step ahead towards the success as a university,and to our students who are the beneficiaries,I congratulate the university upon this milestone,God bless Kumi University

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