Academic Programes Offered


The University currently has Four (4) functional faculties namely; Faculty of social science and management studies, Faculty of Education and Languages, Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Theology, in which the following courses offered  academic  for (August & Jan Intakes).

SN Programmes Accredited Date Status
1 Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSA) (3 years). 17.04.2023 Active
2 Diploma in Primary Education – External (DIPE) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
3 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
4 Diploma in Agriculturalal Sciences (DAG) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
5 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
6 Bachelor of Development Studies (BDST) (3 years). 17.10.2022 Active
7 Bachelor of Public Administration (BPAM) (3 years). 17.10.2022 Active
8 Bachelor of Science with Education (BSC.ED) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
9 Bachelor of Sscience in Information Technology (BSc.IT) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
10 Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial Studies (BASS) (3 years). 28.08.2020 Active
11 Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM) (3 years). 28.08.2020 Active
12 Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) (2 years). 28.08.2020 Active
13 Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Studies (DASS) (2 years). 28.08.2020 Active
14 Diploma in Records and Archives Information Management (DRAIM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
15 Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
16 Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (DSA) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
17 Diploma in Development Studies (DDST) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
18 Diploma in Public Administration (DPAM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
19 Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
20 Bachelor of Secondary Education External (BASEE) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
21 Bachelor of Primary Education External (BAPE) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
22 Diploma in Secondary Education Science (DSE) (SCIENCE) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
23 Diploma in Secondary Education Arts (DSE) (ARTS) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
24 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (4years) 28.08.2020 Active
25 Bachelor of Bible and Theology (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active

Admission Requirements:-

  • Degree: “O” Level and “A” Level with 2 Principle passes in the relevant subjects.
  • Diploma: “O” Level with 2 Principle passes for Education; and 1 principle pass for other courses in other Faculties.
  • Certificate: “O” Level with 5 passes obtained at the same sitting.

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Application Procedure

Application forms can be obtained from:

  1. Apply Now Online to save resources 
  2. University Main Campus, 7 KM along Kumi-Ngora Road.
  3. Radio Stations ETOP Radio – Soroti, Unity F.M – Lira, OPG – Mbale, IMANI Radio – Kapchorwa, Continental F.M – Kumi and Dokolo F.M in Dokolo
  4. Online by Downloading from HERE

Contact Information

For more information please contact Academic Registrar’s Office on:

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Note! Following the directive by National Counsel of Higher Education, All Certificate Course period as been changed from one Year to 2 Years. This is to make Certificate paper equivalent to ‘A’ level.

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