Administrative Departments


Dr. Young Gil Lee – Vice Chancellor

You are warmly welcome to Kumi University, KUMU.  It is Unique in terms of its History, Location, Vision and Mission.

The Vision of KUMU is:

To be a world class centre for quality and affordable, community tailored higher education.

Our Mission is:

To respond to God’s Call and needs of individual and communities in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region through partnership in Higher Education, Training and Capacity Building as God enables by his Grace. 

Whether you are an Alumni, a prospective or a student, a guardian, a sponsor of the current student or a member of the community here in Uganda or elsewhere, KUMU is the best place to meet your interest.

No one could have Imagined three decades ago, a place that used to be a bush where hunting, food gathering and where rebels had established themselves is now a center of Excellence, producing students who are to transform the lives of many Ugandans.

KUMU currently boasts of three functional faculties;

  • Faculty of Education and Languages
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Business Studies and Management.

KUMU has plans to open the following;

  • School of Medicine
  • Department of Science in Agriculture
  • Department of Bio-Technology.

And the major Programmes in Kumi Main Campus are;

  • Full Time
  • Weekend
  • External.

“Excellence and Servant-hood For Godliness”

Dr. Young Gil Lee

Vice Chancellor (President)

Kumi University