Call for Scholarship Apps

The office of the Vice chancellor invites applications 옮기다

from interested Students who meet the requirement to apply for the scholarship under the category of Academic Excellence.

This Scholarship targets academically sound students who have obtained high grades of A, B or C principles or (12 points) in their ‘A’ level of education and continuing University students who have a minimum of 4.O GPA from the previous semester are eligible for the award. The beneficiary receives a full scholarship (i.e, tuition fees and living functional fees for the overall winner per faculty) or half scholarships (i.e. tuition fees only) for the non overall winners.

Note: Any misrepresentation or omission of information will be grounds for withdrawal of the appointment offered or for termination of the appointment.

The interested students ca pick Application Forms and the Financial Aid Policy from the University Guild Canteen at you own cost. Completed application forms should be returned by individual applicants to the office of the Dean of Students before 18th/04/2017 at 5:00Pm prompt.

25% Scholarship is given to all new students and various categories given to Currently Existing Students at Kumi University as per Scholarship Policy