Clearification on Expired Programes Claims


The University has noted with concern in the media, reports by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to University of Cambridge containing a comprehensive list of expired programs offered in Uganda which was last updated on the 20th of May, 2023. Kumi and other Universities are included in the list of those Universities that have expired programmes. As KUMU, We wish to clarify as follows:

  1. According to the Media report for KUMU, (13) programmes are highlighted as expired programmes despite the current status at the University as follows:
  2. It is true that the nine (09) programs listed by NCHE as expired were accredited on 26/03/2010 and were to be reviewed by 26/03/2015 i.e., Diploma and Bachelor of commerce, Diploma and Bachelor of community Development, Diploma and Bachelor of guidance and counselling, Diploma in theology and divinity, Diploma and Bachelor in languages. However, no new students have been admitted for those programmes since they are no longer being offered at the university.
  3. The four (04) of them i.e. Diploma and Bachelor of secretarial studies, Bachelor of theology and Divinity and Bachelor of Education, have been reviewed and re accredited by NCHE into new programmes as Diploma and Bachelor of Administrative and secretarial studies, Bachelor of Bible and theology and Bachelor of science with Education / Arts with Education.
  4. The two (02) programmes i.e Diploma in Secondary Education Science (DSESCIE) and Secondary Education Arts (DSE ARTS) where submitted for re-accreditation with all others that were accredited on 28th August,2020 yet there is omission of those programs at NCHE website.
  5. In reference to the 56th meeting held at NCHE on 28th August,2020 under Minute 360/56/2020 and 67th meeting held on 17th October,2022 under minute 492/67/2022, KUMU currently runs all accredited programs as shown in the attached table below or refer to the current link of NCHE website /institution/ kumi_university. Or university website

List of Programs

SN Programmes Accredited Date Status
1 Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSA) (3 years). 17.04.2023 Active
2 Diploma in Primary Education – External (DIPE) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
3 Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
4 Diploma in Agriculturalal Sciences (DAG) (2 years) 17.04.2023 Active
5 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
6 Bachelor of Development Studies (BDST) (3 years). 17.10.2022 Active
7 Bachelor of Public Administration (BPAM) (3 years). 17.10.2022 Active
8 Bachelor of Science with Education (BSC.ED) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
9 Bachelor of Sscience in Information Technology (BSc.IT) (3 years) 17.10.2022 Active
10 Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial Studies (BASS) (3 years). 28.08.2020 Active
11 Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM) (3 years). 28.08.2020 Active
12 Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) (2 years). 28.08.2020 Active
13 Diploma in Administrative and Secretarial Studies (DASS) (2 years). 28.08.2020 Active
14 Diploma in Records and Archives Information Management (DRAIM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
15 Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
16 Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (DSA) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
17 Diploma in Development Studies (DDST) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
18 Diploma in Public Administration (DPAM) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
19 Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
20 Bachelor of Secondary Education External (BASEE) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
21 Bachelor of Primary Education External (BAPE) (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active
22 Diploma in Secondary Education Science (DSE) (SCIENCE) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
23 Diploma in Secondary Education Arts (DSE) (ARTS) (2 years) 28.08.2020 Active
24 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (4years) 28.08.2020 Active
25 Bachelor of Bible and Theology (3 years) 28.08.2020 Active


KUMU adheres to NCHE guide lines in respect to the accreditation status of the diploma and degree programmes and observe Quality and compliance right from the time students are admitted, registered, examined and graduated. We therefore want to assure our dear students, Alumnae, parents and all stake holders that the programmes being taught at the university are fully accredited by NCHE.

Best Wishes and Gods Blessings.

Download the statement from the office of the Vice chancellor

Clarification on expired course claim-Kumi University

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