Happy Holidays Dear Students

Dear fellow students,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
14th July 2022 marked the end of our final exams of this semester. I want to extend my sincere happiness to the entire fraternity of Kumi University-KUMU. Can you believe it’s the end of the semester? Thank you for all you have done to make it another successful semester. Your commitment to our shared community and everything you’ve done to support each other is what makes KUMU special.

First, I want to thank the University Administration and staff for the cooperation we have had since the semester begun under the amazing leadership of our dear Vice Chancellor Dr. Se Kee Hong. You taught and mentored us the students in new ways, never compromising on academics, but adding an even greater level of care and compassion.

To the student leaders, the ministers and the speaker with the parliamentarians, thank you for the motion moved for constitutional amendments next semester. In fact, our constitution will be reviewed and amended for the best of our university student guild. I believe this will be a U-Turn for the university.

I appreciate the students who woke up every day and took on the daily challenges of learning and growing, adapting every day with a positive spirit towards KUMU.

To all those active students who made the university family lively, I thank you and special thanks to our football team, it was beyond imagination that you made us proud. Remember this, as you go home, do not forget to tell someone about Kumi University, putting in mind that we have the August Intake. Open education Opportunities for your neighbors, friends, brothers, and sisters.
I’m grateful to our parents and family members who entrust Kumi University and offering the constant support to us.

To those heading for internship, I wish you a successful depiction of Kumi University in every place that you have been placed for internship. I believe you will exhibit the highest levels of Godliness, and Excellence for servanthood.

In the next semester, we hope to have several activities such as, the cultural gala, fresher’s ball (Miss and Mr. KUMU), debating competitions and the guild football tournament (league). Please, come ready to interact and build your social capital with the friends around the Kumi University family.

I pray that you have a happy and successful Holiday.
God’s love is my nature. Amen
Mabonga Jesse
Guild President
Kumi University

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