KUMU gets 100 Computers

KUMU Staff receives the computers


The Good Lord has continuously blessed Kumi University with several gifts. On Monday, 11th January, 2021, Kumi University again witnessed the blessing hand of the Lord through the provision of 100 (One hundred) desk top computers through the South Korean Embassy in Uganda.

A team of Reverends, pastors and other Senior Staff praying for the computers and the donors

The arrival of this support of 100 (one hundred) desktop computers is timely as the University is putting her house in order for two very important occasions;

  1. Inspection for the Charter
  2. Inspection for a few science based courses (especially Information Technology) accreditation

This support of 100 (one hundred) computers is support given by the South Korean embassy to Kumi University. This support was secured through the National Information systems agency (NIA) in South Korea from the green pc project.

100 Computers Donated to Kumi University

According to the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Finance and Administration (Mr. Jacob Kim) who coordinated the acquisition and the safe delivery of these computers, the South Korean Embassy in Uganda played a very vital role in securing and final delivering these computers to Kumi University. The South Korean Embassy for instance bore all the costs of transportation of the computers right from the country of origin up to Kumi University.

Rev. Isale Amos (the Dean of Students) while thanking the South Korean Embassy and indeed the entire South Korean friends of Kumi University reminisced the words of prophet Habakkuk (Hab 2: 14), noting that with this support, the entire earth but starting from Kumi University will be filled with knowledge of the glory of the LORD just as water fills the sea.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (Dr. Okodan Akwap), applauded the South Korean government for this support noting that;

  1. This support will boost the current University’s effort towards charter acquisition
  2. This support will greatly enhance the student – computer ration (1:1)
  3. This support will enhance the staff and students research

As such, DVC (AA) called upon the communities in and around Teso to advantage of the existence of Kumi University with the region, which provides quality higher education to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge.

KUMU Staff receives the computers
KUMU Staff pose for a photo upon the receipt of the computers

The Vice Chancellor (Dr. Se Kee Hong) on his part applauded the South Korean friends of Kumi University and most importantly the South Korean Embassy in Uganda noting that:

  1. Kumi University has had and is now strengthening the more its partnership with the South Korean Embassy in Uganda
  2. At this age (in the 21st century), computer is as essential as air and water without which life can not possible
  3. For an Institution of higher learning, computer is essential for e-learning, research (for both students and staff), and many more other uses
  4. These computers, need to be put into proper use so as to maximally benefit the University’s primary customers most especially the students
  5.  With emphasis, the desktop computers are a property of the South Korean Embassy. He thus cautioned the staff and students to guard and protect them jealously.

The Head of Department Information Technology, while applauding the South Korean Embassy in Uganda, noted that these computers will benefit the entire University establishment – starting with Faculties and/or Departmental libraries.

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