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Welcome! To the University. The semester officially opened on

Saturday 17th October,2020 and close on 14th December,2020 for the completion of the Final Semester Two for the Various Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes for the Academic year 2019/2020.

Thank you for the efforts each one of you took to keep yourselves, families and communities safe during this period of lock-down due to Covid-19. The University appreciates all staff who have continued to work during this COVID19 crisis.

As you may be aware, on March, 2020, the President of the Republic of Uganda declared a pandemic on Covid-19 and all schools, and tertiary institutions were all closed. However, he has made a pronouncement to have a phased re-opening of Educational Institutions starting October 15th, 2020. The inspectorate team visited the institution and carried out an inspection to ascertain the readiness and compliance of the institution with the standard operational procedures (SOPs), regarding stopping the spread of COVID-19. Be aware COVID-19 is real and it kills. After the inspection the team made the following recommendations: –

  • A foot operated disinfectants be located in front of critical control points that can cause overcrowding e.g. University main gate, Administrative offices, library, dormitories and lecture rooms.
  • A maximum number of learners will be allowed in a lecture room as guided by the social distancing guide lines.
  • Manage visitors entering the institution and lecturers, support staff who stay outside the school very well.
  • Enforce SOPs, at least 2 masks for each student. Mask wearing should be mandatory as a new normal to regularly cover the 2 soft parts of the nose and mouth whenever with other learners, lecturers or visitors or any other members. And should be washed every evening and either ironed or dried under the sun. Caution don’t share masks at all.
  • Regular washing of hands using water and soap (preferably bar soap) for a minimum of 20 seconds to allow the virus to die. Not to wipe the hands using a hanker chief or tissue after washing them.
  • Toilets, classrooms and dormitories be regularly sprayed or washed.
  • Keeping records and monitoring temperatures of all persons entering the university registered in the registration book at the entrance / main gate.
  • Students encouraged to inform the university management of any health challenges.
  • University to have contacts of the District Task Force or contact of the nearest Health Workers or of the University Task Team placed on various notices for immediate advice and consultations on some actions. Best Wishes and a Happy Stay in the University.

Dear Students Note that this semester is very short, therefore you are required to register with the administration to enhance the planning for the in-coming examinations. Please do register first with the administration before settling down for the academic programmes as follows:

  • Report to the Account’s office with your Bank Payment Slip.
  • Be given a Clearance Form / Receipt.
  • Register with the Office of the Registrar’s as you present the clearance form/ Receipt.
  • Finally register with the office of the Dean who may refer you to the Warden for Accommodation and a meal coupon. Best Wishes and a Happy Stay in the University.

Adengu David Emmanuel

Academic Registrar,

c.c University Vice Chancellor

c.c Dean of Students

c.c University Bursar

For any queries please contact us

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