Okurut Samuel BIT-Laid to Rest.

The Entire Family of Kumi University struck with a deep loss


Late Okurut Samuel 24

of one Mr. Okurut Samuel former BIT student and Guild Culture Minister 2017-2018 who passed on, on Sunday 29th April 2018 at Kumi Health Center IV where he was taken for medical care after being picked by patrol police from one of the streets of Kumi Town. The deceased’s Postmortem conducted at Atutur Hospital reports that his internal organs including lungs,Lliver, Pancreas and others were damaged by Alcohol. He was laid to rest on 1st May 2018 at their ancestral home in Amuuria Village, Serere District.

Okurut’s Death means a lot to us the leaving, although death comes from distinct directions to each individual, we need not to play around with our lives on things we clearly know kills. Lets not die in a simple way. Dying as a result of over consumption of anything in this case drinking is not proper, so disappointing. Lets try to protect our lives from un serious activities. If you have been arguing that alcohol does not kill, please make the best use of this report & take good care of your precious life.

Late Okurut Samuel 24