Research Workshop 2017

“Quality research for better communities”옮기다

was the theme for 2017, with much emphasis directed toward problem statement formulation, Research topic formulation, Objectives, Justification and significance of the research, Literature review, Qualities of a good research, stages of research and citation of the research.

Explaining what research is, Mr. Mutya Tomasi (PHD Candidate), emphasized that  research is a Systematic, patient study and investigation in some field of knowledge undertaken to find out facts and principles about something or situation. among others, he also  hinted on the Qualities of  research he said which are: –

  • Rigorous
  • Controlled
  • Systematic
  • Valid and verifiable
  • Empirical and
  • Critical

Miss Gloria Angela Mukova (MSc).  – presented much of research topic problem formation which she practically guided the participants. in her presentation, she deepened on the importance of formulating a qualified research problem. Noted below are a guide to formulating a research problem:-

  • First and most important step of a research process (destination before journey!)
  • Absence of clear research problem – no clear and economical plan
  • Research problem – foundation of a building
  • Type and design of a building – foundation
  • Strength of a building – foundation
  • For one to solve a problem – must generally know what the problem is
  • Have a clear idea of what exactly you want to find out about, not what you think you must find
  • The way you formulate a research problem – determines all subsequent steps in the research journey
  • NB: Make sure your idea is re-searchable

Miss Gloria also pointed  Questions, assumption and assertion to be the  three key areas that forms a problem. She then later  explained the four P’s that is: People, Problem, Programmes and Phenomena/occurrences as the sources of research problems.

Download the full presentation here

Other presenters are:-

1. Dr. Okudan Akwap (PhD) – Stages of Research, Importance of doing research and Citation  Download

2. Mr. Omara Joseph, (MA. SWASA) – Objectives of the study Download

3. Mr. Okello Fred Okalang (MBA) Formulation of Research topic and Background Download

4. Mr. Omunyokol James Peter (MAED) – Justification of the study

5. Mr. Okwii John Bosco ( MPA) – Significance of the study

6. Mr. Edigu Julius – Literature Review

Download all presentation files

Where  can I publish my research paper?

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