2017 Staff Retreat

Staff members enjoying the cool breeze at Sangalo Beech – Busia. 옮기다

A two day’s (9th – 10th June 2017) retreat that was organize to strengthen the bond among staff members, full of presentations focused on Leadership, Love, Creativity,Challenging Mind and Community Spirit among others for the development/improvement of services of Kumi University got hosted at The Rand Hotel situated in Busia Town. Other areas of focus towards a better future of KUMU were: – Cultivation of Creative people, Developing new managements systems, staff training/further duties, strengthening of 1+1 students recruitment drive and engagement of staff and student with University Website to improve KUMU’s ranking.

The retreat was full of fun as the participants got engaged with in a number of activities such as games, dance, tours, Bible quiz and gifts exhange. All participants promised never to miss the next retreat.

Glance the pics below.